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August 17th, 2012

New to LJ @ 06:55 pm

Current Mood: confused confused
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So i have no idea what in the world to do on here. I made an account simply to support a fellow Aff user, who without a doubt is the most amazing person i've ever met. So yeah...my AFF account is PsychopathicFreak so i guess you could check my stuff out there. I'll slowly transfer my fics onto here when i become more familier with it. I write about everything so i guess i have no one type that i write about mostly. I guess that't it :) I felt like writing this somewhere, cause it's been on my mind and i just wanted to get it out.

Any fellow AFF user's out there? Please give me a shout , I feel so lonely on this site T_T

Anyways, Bai-bai ^-^/